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Construction: Kit


This is a Smoky Mountain Model Works (SMMW) kit that was in the works for about three and a half years. Initially, S-scale modeler John Degnan really wanted this model and tried to get enough support for the project. Jim King, owner of Smoky Mountain Model Works, eventually agreed to design and create the kit. In the end apparently lots of people came through and ordered this kit. Kits started shipping in late 2014 and I received mine in January 2015.

This is my second SMMW kit (the B&O M53 being the first one). It is a resin kit. This allows the main body to be cast as one piece, making construction of the model easier. The photo shows what all is included in the kit (minus the razor blade which somehow crept into the photo). The main body piece contained the smaller bags seen below it. There is a note attached that warns you to be careful with the upper door tracks, which are very fragile. In the three smaller bags are small detailing parts, couplers and draft boxes, and brake and other assorted detailing parts. The kit includes a decal sheet. The longer parts, such as the underframe and the walkway are in the larger bag. Also included is a PDF file on the mini-CD that holds the kit's instructions and prototype photos.