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Construction: Couplers & Wheels


Up next are the couplers and their draft gear. This photo shows the parts that come with the kit (after they were cleaned). I am going to be installing the Walthers HO-scale ProtoMax couplers (shown is the Kadee coupler), but I will wait with that until later.

I followed the kit's instructions about drilling the mounting holes and about adjusting the length of the draft gear box until it is the correct distance from the center of the truck bolster mounting hole. I then used superglue to glue it onto the flat surface of the underframe.

I am going to be using two M.T.H. trucks, so I found some compatible screws with which to mount the trucks to the underframe, and then drilled and tapped the truck bolster holes for those specific screws, as seen in the next photo.

I couldn't resist giving it a test whirl on the layout.