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Model Information


The model shown below of SHPX 10780 is by S Scale America (Des Plaines Hobbies) part number SSA14013 (no longer listed on their web site), which I bought second-hand. The road number appears to be a valid one. The ladder should not go down to the platform, if it is to be an exact match. It measures 39 feet over the couplers. It is identified as having been built in June 1930. The model has the placards mounted backward, but since they are just pushed into place, they are easy to pull out and put in correctly. The brake wheel is rather sensitive, so be careful with it.
(external link: Des Plaines Hobbies)

This is the main text on the car.

There is a tiny decal that states "LEASED TO SUN OIL CO." The decals on the right of the photo indicate that the prototype was built by ACF at their main Milton, Pennsylvania plant in June of 1930. This matches information published in the American Car & Foundry Company 1899-1999 book written by Ed Kaminski.