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For a previous layout, I had a thin strip of space available between the back track and the backdrop. This area was a fictitious representation of the town of Canonsburg, PA, with its iconic passenger station. So, I set about to create just a thin profile of the track-facing side of the station, but I wanted it to be as accurate as possible. For more information about the station, which still stands today, see my page dedicated to it. The measurements, shown in my diagram, are based on a standard brick-plus-one-edge-of-mortar being 9-1/8" wide, and 3-1/4" tall. Given that, and the prototype photos provided by Gary Carmichael, I came up with these measurements. Living more than 1,300 miles away from this building, that is the best I can do. All height measurements of the walls do not include the 16" height of the foundation.