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Windows and Doors


There are four small windows in the back of the building, and one on the side. The other side can't be seen in the photos, but I decided to put one there as well. Again, the location of the windows is approximate, matching what I see in the prototype photos.

After cutting out the windows, I wanted to simulate the siding used on the building. To get nice straight lines, and to make sure that they matched on the sides of the building, I put all three pieces down on my glass work surface and used double-sided tape to hold them in place. I then used the dental pick you see in the photo to scribe the lines. The lines were marked at 9 scale inches apart.

With that done, I could assemble the three walls.

On the inside corners I used some square styrene strips to reinforce the joint.

I noticed that the back wall was not flat anymore, so I glued some more square styrene strips to force it to stay straight. I also attached the triangular pieces to make sure the side walls stayed in place.

I then used some scale 1"x4" styrene strips to trim the windows.

The prototype's windows are just two-pane ones, so I glued a strip of the same 1"x4" material horizontally in the center of the windows. I also glued some scale 2"x6" styrene strips on the corners of the building.