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This is the 5-roller stand by Shop Fox, model D2274. Since I always need to cut 4'x8' sheets of plywood, I decided to add two of these roller stands to my collection of tools. They proved tremendously helpful their first day on the job. They are heavy and can carry 250 lbs. Each took about an hour to assemble (and some patience). After several years of use the bolt that holds the rollers in its height position (shown just below the yellow cap) has worn out on one of these. Online reports show nearly every one having the same problem. It is really not that big of an issue. Simply remove the handle and replace it with a matching bolt (same diameter and thread size). After that you'll have to use a wrench to tighten it. The only other issue I have with the stands is that they tend to lean a bit. This is actually not that big of an issue when manipulating 4'x8' sheets, but might be a bigger issue when dealing with smaller boards. If you are interested in building your own roller stand, I would recommend building the one my Dad built and documented on his web site.
Roller Stand