PRR G24 - Prototype Information
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This class of gondolas were 50-ton, steel-framed, fixed-ends gondolas of USRA design. They were originally built in 1919. The PRR had 750 of these cars listed on the ORER in 1950. This is an insignificant number in PRR terms, but still worth modeling. The car had a load capacity of 100,000lbs, weighed over 40,000lbs, and was just under 43 feet long over the strikers. It used 2D-F3 trucks. All but one of these cars were gone by 1958, and that one was gone by the time of the PC merger. The prototype photo below is believed to have been taken in 1937, after the wooden sides were converted to steel. The photo came from the February 2004 edition of The Keystone Modeler.
Prototype Information