PRR GLa - Prototype Information
The GLa class of twin-bay hoppers were built from 1904 to 1911. The PRR wound up with 30,256 of them (most were built for them, but some were purchased from area coal companies). There were over 25,000 of them still around in 1955, but by 1959 the numbers dropped off rapidly, until there were only 231 left in 1970 (which were in maintenance-of-way service only). The last one disappeared from the roster in 1981.

Because they were such common cars (everyone took them for granted, and they were such utilitarian pieces of equipment), there are no known scaled drawings of the car. Only one car is still in existence somewhere in New York state.

They initially rode on archbar trucks, but those were replaced with 2D-F8 trucks (AAR type Y adaptation). Initially they received the K brakes, but all were eventually upgraded to the AB brakes. Nearly all, however, maintained the vertical brake staff.

Note that the prototype photo below (from shows a car with the shadow-keystone paint scheme (post 1954).

Brooks Stover, who models the Buffalo Creek & Gauley railroad, notified me to let me know that the BC&G had 600 of these cars built for them (see his web site).
Prototype Information