PRR GLa - References


Pennsylvania Railroad Steel Open Hopper Cars, page 24+, contains a full description with many photos.
American Car & Foundry Company 1899-1999, page 221, 1906 photo of GLa as built in Detroit.


The Keystone Modeler - 73 Spring 2010 "PRR GLA and GLCA Hopper Cars Part 1", pg 17.
The Keystone Modeler - 76 Spring 2011 "PRR GLA and GLCA Hopper Cars Part 2", pg 13.
Railroad Model Craftsman - July 2002 "PRR class GLa hopper car: HO scale", pg 102.

Web Sites has information, photos, and diagrams.
Photo: PRR #140062 3/4-profile, sustained damage (Hagley Digital Archives)
Photo: PRR #729074 side-profile (Hagley Digital Archives)
Photo: PRR #729074 3/4-profile (Hagley Digital Archives)