PRR GLd - Prototype Information
The class GL, subclass "d", is kind of an odd car. Note that any resemblance to the GLa, for example, are co-incidental, because these were the only USRA hopper cars the PRR owned. In other words, they were not modified GL or GLa cars. When all 300 of these were built in 1919, they went straight to the PRR-owned Long Island Railroad. During October 1929 the cars became PRR road numbers 220000 through 220299. Compared to the tens of thousands of PRR-owned hopper cars, this class is rather insignificant, but still worth modeling. These cars could carry up to 100,000 lbs (50 tons), weighed over 38,000 lbs, and measured just under 32 feet over the strikers. (photo from my personal collection)

Pennsylvania Steel Open Hopper Cars (page 140+)
GLd class described
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1953-58 Freight Car Roster
Prototype Information