PRR 2-8-0 - Model Information
The PRR branch line I am modeling was serviced by this locomotive. It is my plan to eventually scratchbuild one of these locomotives. In the meantime, these pages are here to capture any research information I have come across.
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In S-scale, Nord, Rex, S-Helper Service, B.T.S., Omnicon, Miniature Machine, and SouthWind Models all produced standard-gauge 2-8-0 locomotives, but none were based on the PRR, with its distinctive Belpaire "hump". However, if one wanted to, it would certainly be possible to take any one of these models and rework them to look like the PRR model.
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B.T.S. has long-range plans to release a kit of the PRR's 2-8-0 model, but serious set-backs have significantly delayed the project. The kit's tender masters are done, but the main engine is still being worked on. Part of the problem was that the original creator of the masters lost most of them and a significant amount of the prototype research materials during a serious earthquake in New Zealand, in which his home was destroyed. A different person is now working on the project. It is still an active project, and B.T.S. is still taking down-payments for the model, but there is no estimated date on when the kits would be ready for sale.
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One exciting possibility is to use Shapeways' 3D-printed services for the parts of this locomotive. "Z & N Scale Tracks, Odds and Ends" by designer Konrad Malkowski offers various parts in S-scale for this locomotive, including the air tanks, round number boards, and the entire boiler with cab (either with an open or closed smokebox front).
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