PRR H21a - Prototype Information
The H21 hopper dominated all other cars on the Pennsylvania Railroad. The road moved a lot of coal, coke, and iron ore and so hoppers were essential. By June 1951 there were just under 40,000 H21 hoppers (of various subclasses). These cars started being built as early as 1909, with the majority built between 1915 and 1918 (World War I). A significant quantity of them still existed into the early 1970s, but they vanished pretty quickly after that. The H21a subclass was the most abundant at just under 32,000. The H21a is a four-bay hopper that could hold 2,547 cubic feet of cargo. It rode on 70-ton "Crown" trucks (2F-F1 or 2E-F2). These larger trucks, as compared to the ones on the H21 class, were necessary because the H21a was used for hauling coal rather than the lighter coke. All H21 cars were converted to H21a by 1925. (photo: #196812, source: Rich Yoder Models)
Prototype Information