PRR N6b - Prototype Information
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The PRR N6b was the most numerous cabin car in the company's fleet. There were well over 1,100 of them, making up over 50% of the fleet's total. As a matter of fact, they were the most numerous single-design caboose in the entirety of the U.S. They were built from 1914 through 1923. None were transferred into the Penn Central merger in 1968. The car measures 30'8" long, 9'4" wide, and 14'10" tall. It was built out of a metal frame with a wooden super-structure. They were painted Tuscan red. Some had centered cupolas, but most had offset cupolas (this was because they were older cars which were lengthened on one end only). The difference between the N6b and the N6a was that the N6a had vertically-straight side walls of the cupola, whereas the N6b's walls were slanted in. This slanting allowed them to get into more tunnels and other tight areas.
Prototype Information