Bear Creek & Eastern - Introduction
The Bear Creek & Eastern was a freelanced layout, which turned out to be my last N-scale layout. I was interested in building a large N-scale layout, but I just didn't have the space. All I had was a spare bedroom that doubled as my office and a guest bedroom whenever family came over. The layout, therefore, couldn't be permanently installed and needed to leave enough space for regular access to rest of the room.

I also didn't want to build a formal, well-designed layout. I wanted to build something that was more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of layout. Something that I could work on and would find to be relaxing. That is why the layout was freelanced. I have always modeled the PRR, so this layout was to continue to use my PRR equipment.

I enjoy learning and experimenting, so for this layout I did want to try some new techniques. I wanted to try my hand at spline roadbed, I wanted to try some different scenery techniques, and I wanted to continue to hone my skills at hand-laying code 40 track and turnouts.