P & C Railroad Version 2 - Layout Design
The track plan shown here, was the final version of what I actually built. It consisted of five modules, each made out of 1x4 pine and bolted together. The upper right-hand corner was the room's entrance, and the lower left-hand section was in a two-door closet. It was a two-level layout. The North Ogle Pass was on the upper level and represented a tourist location that saw lots of passenger traffic. A large s-curve wandered through Bears Paw Mountain and into the closet. If you follow the s-curve into Closet Mountain, you will see it meet up with a turnout in the lower left-hand corner of the closet. That was about half-way down the grade. From there the line stayed level to cross the three lines of the lower level on a trestle bridge. From there it continued its decent to get to the lower level track. The double-track main line passing through Hershey was part of the plan of representing a Pennsylvania main line. A turn-back loop in the top-center of the diagram allowed for continuous running, as well as some switching. In the city of Hershey, if you took the right-most track, you were on the branch line that went to the town of North Ogle, which had an engine servicing facility and a yard. That entire branch was on the lower level. Most of its first section of track was hidden or obscured in either the Closet Mountain or Bears Paw Mountain.
Layout Design