The PRR Chartiers Branch - Layout Overview
The layout is shaped like a "U" in an approximately 10-foot square spare bedroom/office. The photo below is a panoramic shot taken on October 12, 2015. Follow this link for a much larger view of the photo shown below. The photo stitching software did a pretty good job this time.

From left to right, the town of Washington, PA is represented here. O'Brien Steel Construction Co. is on the far left of the photo. The NW2 is bringing in a mixed-freight train into town for several set-outs, with the RS-1 standing by to help with the switching chores. In front of the train is a lumberyard under construction (only the wood storage lumber shed was completed). A small cabin is also visible. The center part of the layout represents the country setting of the branch line covered between Washington and Canonsburg, PA. Canonsburg is the only other town on the layout, which is shown on the right-hand side. In the right, back corner is the Canonsburg Milling factory, and the small Canonsburg Steel & Iron Works shop in front of it. Next to it is a team track. The white building in the background is the back of the current home of the Russian Brotherhood Organization. In the foreground is a barber shop that was still under construction at the time of this photo. A road crosses the tracks on the right.
Layout Overview
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On October 15, 2012, I recorded my first "on-board" video of my NW2 traveling from the right side of the layout to the left side, where it entered into the O'Brien siding car (see my article about the camera used). Note that this video was taken three years before the above photo, so the layout's content will not match all the new things I've added between then and what you see in the photo.