PRR Chartiers Branch: Hazel Mine - Structures
The first official structure to be built for and placed on the layout is the Fort Pitt Bridge Works building. A portion of the back of the building sticks out into the modeled area. Since it is in the back corner of the layout, against the backdrops, I decided that it needed to be built first. The photo below shows the marked-off area where the structure is to be placed. After studying all prototype photos, I was able to determine where the building was to sit on my layout, and its overall size.
And here is the building. I am standing on the opposite corner of the layout, so you can get an idea of how big this building is, and what its common viewing angle would be. I scratchbuilt the building in about two and a half weeks, and you can see how I did that in this dedicated article on this web site. By the way, the blue lines marked on the top of the layout give a preview of where the tipple's yard tracks will be. The hopper cars serves as motivation. The building in the left-edge of the photo is just temporary.
This photo was taken from the back of the layout, showing the structure placed in its marked position. The back of it remains open, so that I can get to it, should I want to install a sound module into it in the future. All I would have to do is remove the backdrop to gain access. The little Artistta figure leaning against the building in the corner should also give you an idea of just how tall this building is. The building was glued down with 5-minute epoxy.