My Library - Railroading Books - Canonsburg Reflections 1802-2002

Author: James T. Herron, Jr.

Publisher: Canonsburg Bicentennial Commission

Published: 2003

Pages: 336

ChapterPageTitle / Description
15A Frontier Settlement
John Canon settled the area and developed a plan for the town.
217A College Town
The first major claim to fame was Jefferson College.
335A Smokestack Community
Many industries came to town, as well as the railroad.
471Modernization & Boom
The town gets electricity, water, telephones, gas & oil, a post office, sewers, paved streets, interurban trolleys, and public transportation.
South Canonsburg, East Canonsburg, White Lawn Terrace, and East End all merge into Canonsburg.
697School Bells
Covers the history of many of the schools in Canonsburg.
7107A Community at Worship
Covers the various churches in town.
8143Gone but Not Forgotten
The Opera House Tragedy. Funeral homes in town.
9157Canonsburg at Play
Bicycle racing, stadium, sports teams, parks, and radio station.
10173Home Town Melodies
Bands, Perry Como, Bobby Vinton, The Four Coins, and other artists hailing from Canonsburg.
11187Military Service
The military and its impact on Canonsburg.
12207Canonsburg Societies
The many societies formed in the town.
13219Serving Others
Police, fire, and medical services.
14235Flood Control & Redevelopment
Flooding was a major problem for the town, so in the early 1970s, the Chartiers creek was re-directed.
15245Canonsburg at Work
Various local companies are discussed.
16269At Your Service
Borough Council, Police Department, Street Department, Senior Citizens' Center.
17283Canonsburg Celebrates
Various parades that Canonsburg is known for.
306Commemorative Images