My Library - Railroading Books - Modelling Trees Part Two

Author: Gordon Gravett

Publisher: Wild Swan Publications Ltd.

Published: 2012

ISBN: 978-1-905184-98-9

Pages: 92

Another high-quality book about trees, but this time focused on conifers. This second installment also has lots of prototype, model, and construction color photos in it. These books are hard to get in the U.S. I got mine from International Hobbies in Auburn, California (their web site appears to be gone now). Just sent them an e-mail, and they'll set you up.

ChapterPageTitle / Description
1Conifers in the British Countryside
13Modelling Conifers
Trunks and branches, painting, color charts, foliage, static fibers, cone-shaped generic and background conifers, rubberised horsehair.
33Modelling Specific Types of Conifers
Sitka spruce, scots pine, maritime pine, larch, log piles, home-produced foliage mat, yew, redwood.
Adding cones, ivy and creepers, comparative heights of trees, sources of materials, suggested Tamiya colors, reference books.