My Library - Railroading Books - Trackside on the Pennsylvania Volume 2

Author: Jeff Scherb

Publisher: Highlands Station, Inc.

Published: 2004

ISBN: 0-9655365-6-4

Pages: 96

Design diagrams of various standard structures on the Pennsylvania Railroad.

ChapterPageTitle / Description
Structures on the PRR.
26Signal and Switch Buildings
Signal and interlocking towers, watch box, frame signal buildings.
327Passenger Stations
Atterbury station, frame board and batten stations, frame sided and sheathed station, brick stations.
440Combination Stations
Frame board and batten stations, frame sided and sheathed stations, brick stations, frame board and batten freight house with passenger station.
553Yard and Shop Buildings
Yard master offices, two-stall enginehouses, brick engine house, brick roundhouse, shop building, erecting shop, oil houses, outhouses, tool house.
680Freight Houses
Freight house platforms, baggage and express buildings, board and batten freight house, sided and sheathed freight house, corrugated steel sided freight house, brick freight house.
795Additional Sources
896Notes to the Modeler
996About the Drawings