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Great Model Railroads 2013



various authors


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The theme in this year's issue is completed layouts, what does that mean, and how does one continue when the layout is "complete"?



Title / Description


Is This Layout Complete, For Now?
Bob Collett's HO-scale Huntington & Hartford is a completed layout. It is a 16'x24' M-shaped layout set in the mid 1950s. Bob describes his layout design, the structures he has built, how he built the benchwork, the equipment he uses, and how he does operations. Includes side bars on scheduling passenger service during operations, and locator maps for operators.


Finished, But Not Done
Jack Burgess describes his HO-scale Yosemite Valley RR, which is a famous triple-deck 20'x20' layout set in August 1939. He discusses his vision for the layout, the persistence needed to make it a reality, his method for building the layout, and what he is going to do now that the layout is finished. Includes side bars on making to-do lists, and operations.


Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
Cliff Powers covers his new third level to his HO-scale Mississippi, Alabama & Gulf layout. He packs a lot of railroading into his 14'x32' of space. Includes a sidebars on the shelf bracket benchwork he used for the third level, and how he detailed the interior of the New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal.


Broad Way Curtain Call
Andy Rubbo covers his 26'x37', double-decked layout set in the summer of 1967 modeling the PRR's electrified main line just prior to the merger with the NYC. He describes what it takes to model such an intense section of the prototype. Includes sidebars on track detailing, and modeling the PRR catenary.


Backwoods Railroading on a Portable Layout
Erik Block writes about the Belgian club that models the logging railroads on Vancouver Island, B.C. When all set up, the layout measures 16'x26', and it is set in the late 1940s. Included are sidebars on the bridges and trestles on the layout, and how the members do their prototype research when they are thousands of miles away from the modeled area.


Modern Railroading on the Plymouth Sub
Chip Cole describes how he created his HO-scale, CSX, 30'x60' layout. Includes side bars on dispatching using Microsoft Excel, and switch lists for car spotting.


A Great Layout in 9 Months
Dave Rickaby writes about how Gregg Condon built his HO-scale Mineral Point & Northern Gogebic Division layout in 9 months. His layout is made up of two wall-hugging sections. Includes a sidebar on how to model a burned-out foundry, and one on setting up a car-routing matrix.


Perfecting the N-scale Crandic Route
Patrick Lana describes his dual-sided, 18'x31', island-style layout. Includes a side bar on how to use one building to serve two different purposes depending on which side of the layout you're on, and one on how signaling is done on his layout.


Moving Coal on the Louisville & Nashville
Lou Sassi writes about Perry Simpson's HO-scale layout, which measures 34'x42' and is set in the mid 1950s. There is a side bar on how Perry built the manual turnout controls, and how he ballasts his track.


Scaling Up the Rio Verde RR
Ted Brandon describes how he was able to re-use his layout that used to be Nn3 to On2-1/2. It measures 15'x24'. The article includes a side bar on using coffee stir sticks for structure walls.