Photo Albums - Brakes

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We start off with a set of photos taken at the Galveston Railroad Museum on October 6, 2012, October 6, 2013, and October 5, 2014. The first photo shows a restored wood-sided box car's brake wheel and staff.
photo #1
This is a close-up of its brake hose (and coupler).
photo #2
They also have an unrestored outside-braced boxcar. These next four photos follow the brake wheel's staff all the way down.
photo #3 photo #4 photo #5 photo #6
A simple photo of the air hose attached to a UTLX tank car.
photo #7
External Reference:
This photo shows the connections between two EMD F7 units. The unit on the right is the A-unit and the one on the left is the B-unit. Both are recent additions to the museum. In 2014 the engines did a run out to Rosenberg and back again. It is good for them to stretch their legs every so often.
photo #8
These next set of photos were taken at the Houston Railroad Museum on October 23, 2010. The first photo shows the air hose of a tank car.
photo #9
These are photos of under-body details.
photo #10 photo #11 photo #12
The brake wheel housing of a caboose.
photo #13
This was a quick photo I took of the under-body details of the caboose at the Rosenberg Railroad Museum on April 13, 2013.
photo #14
The remaining photos on this page are taken of the brake system on a D&LW two-bay hopper at the Steamtown National Park in Scranton, PA (taken on August 10, 2013).
photo #15 photo #16 photo #17 photo #18 photo #19 photo #20 photo #21