Photo Albums - Lisse, Holland

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When we lived in Lisse, The Netherlands (a.k.a. Holland) in the 1970s, I would occasionally ride my bike to the passenger station at the north side of town. This passenger station was only used during the spring when tourists would stop at our town to visit The Keukenhof. The rest of the year there was no passenger service at our small town. One day I brought my camera and took the photos shown on this page. These were taken in 1979, but I do not know what time of the year it was, but it was definitely outside of the tourist season. Approaching on the main line is a typical yellow NS (Dutch Railway) passenger train.
photo #1
A quick shot of it flying by. All trains were electrified.
photo #2
They come by at a pretty regular interval, so I had plenty of time to set up my camera on a bench and allow for the lens to be open for some extended duration to get this shot of the train flying by while having a transparent look to it.
photo #3
A photo of the rear end of the train as it had passed by.
photo #4
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I am now on the other side of the main line track facing the passenger station (where I was when I took the above shots). The link is to a Dutch web site, but it states that apparently about a year after I took these photos, one of the main lines was removed. The station has not been an active passenger station for a long time and at one point in time was threatened to be demolished. Today, however, it is a restaurant, appropriately named, "The Station", with the platform being used for outdoor seating. The associated yard tracks are occasionally used to have a freight train pull off of the main line to allow a fast passenger train to pass it by. The Keukenhof can now be accessed via the Hillegom passenger station.
photo #5
A different kind of cab on this train. I am not familiar with Dutch trains, so I don't know that kind of engine this is.
photo #6
Another extended exposure shot with the passenger station on the other side of the tracks.
photo #7
And the train has passed me by.
photo #8
There were also a couple of freight cars parked in the stub tracks next to the passenger station, such as this box car. Note, of course, the typical European single fixed axle wheels.
photo #9
There were also a couple of tank cars there. Also note the large bumpers used on European rolling stock.
photo #10
I took this photo to show the electrical overhead wiring system.
photo #11
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An overview shot of the main line tracks, the passenger station and its platform, and the stub yard tracks on the right. The web site linked to here has lots of photos of the station over the decades.
photo #12
Daring to be brave, I took this shot in between the two main lines.
photo #13
A close-up photo of the track there. I don't know if it was common practice to have individual rails ground at an angle like that.
photo #14