Photo Albums - PRR N5c Cabin Car

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The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania has one PRR N5c cabin car (caboose) on their property. When I took these photos on August 11, 2013, it was stored inside. It is painted with the Shadow Keystone logo. It is road number 477947. Apparently this is not its original number. The only thing I noticed was that the cupola windows don't match a standard N5c car.
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The paint is a bit worn in places.
photo #10 photo #11 photo #12
This is a photo of the other side (from the previous set of photos).
photo #13
Marker lamps at the corner of the roof.
photo #14
(sorry, lady, but I was in a hurry to get my shots in...)
photo #15 photo #16
Does the grab iron give us a clue as to its painted history?
photo #17 photo #18 photo #19
The next set of photos were taken of the interior of the car. It was neat that they allow us inside!
photo #20 photo #21 photo #22 photo #23 photo #24 photo #25
When I built my model of this car, I had a hard time figuring out how the lighting was installed. Hence these shots focused on the interior roof.
photo #26 photo #27 photo #28 photo #29