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Construction: Painting


With the completion of the construction phase, next is the painting phase. As I was pondering how I was going to tackle the several steps it will take to paint the model, I came up with the idea of a cradle of sorts that can hold the car stable upside-down without damaging any of the delicate exterior parts. I decided to build this cradle out of leftover wood. In my collection of wood, I found this N-scale bridge I started building many years ago, but never finished it. It was perfect, length-wise for the 50-foot S-scale car, and the bridge ties provide its stability when the bridge is placed upside-down. I then glued on two blocks and two arms from miscellaneous pieces of wood to form the support structure that holds the car stable, while clearing the car's roof walkway.

This cradle also works for 40-foot cars, so this will be a permanent tool in my shop. After taking off the trucks and the couplers, and then waiting for the temperature to go up and the humidity to go down, I will take this set-up into the garage to start the painting process.

Stay tuned!...