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As the instructions to this Pre-Size Model Specialties kit states, this car is a refreshing difference in the sea of 40-foot box cars, as it stands at 51' end-to-end. This is actually my first 50-foot freight car in my small fleet.

This photo shows all of the kit's contents. The main parts are the one-piece cast-resin body, the floor/underframe, the fish-belly beams, and the wooden walkway. Also included are the decals (the strip on the right-hand side of the photo), a collection of brass wire, a package of size-separated grab irons (neat!), two barrels, and a bag of various detailing parts (upper-left corner in the photo). The main body is quite heavy and its walls are quite thick. The doors are part of the casting, so they cannot be modeled in an opened position. The kit's instructions are available as a downloadable PDF file from the company's web site.