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I ordered a PRR cafe car, but American Models was out of them, so they offered me a Pullman-decorated car instead. Since they are basically the same tuscan-red body color, I was OK with that. It wasn't unheard of to have Pullman-owned/dedicated cars in a PRR passenger train consist. The photos shown on this page are of the car as it arrived new.

The history on these models is that they were originally commissioned by S-Helper Service and manufactured by American Models back in 1992. When their collaboration ended, American Models continued to produce and sell these cars to this day.

From end-of-diaphragm to end-of-diaphragm, the body measures 15.5" or a scale 82'8". The car is labeled "Cafe Car" with no road number. I ordered the "scale" version, so it comes with scale wheels and truck-mounted fixed/dummy "scale" couplers. It has six-wheel trucks and there is no electrical pick-up provided from the wheels. The underbody has some large components cast in, but no brakelines and only the bottom half of the cylinders are cast. There is a metal rod glued in between the centersills to give the car quite some heft.

As with most "scale" modelers, the American Models cars make for a nice starter point. I will be adding, replacing, and improving much on this car. I will also need to do some more research to see if there is a prototype match for this car. According to S-Helper Service, this model was based on the Central Railroad of New Jersey prototype.