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The model of road number 351475 is by S Scale America (Des Plaines Hobbies) part number SSA16061, which I bought second-hand. This is an accurate road number. Checking the model's dimensions against published prototype measurements shows this to be very accurate. The stock trucks are not correct, and MTH/S-Helper Service's Andrews 50-ton trucks will need to be used instead. By 1930 the original wooden side panels were replaced with steel ones, but since I model 1923, the wooden sides are period-correct. S Scale America created the as-built model. There are a few other mistakes in this model. The center panel area has an additional vertical brace in the PRR cars. The last panel areas on both the left- and right-hand side don't have diagonal cross-braces like the model has. Instead the prototype has vertical braces. The model weighs 8oz (228g), which is very heavy for this size model (should be about 6oz). That was the first thing I noticed when I received it. Since I received it "used", it has a few items that need work. The brake wheel and two of the steps are broken off. The model was reviewed in the November 2007 issue of Scale Rails (the NMRA magazine), where it was not issued a NMRA-compliance warrant due to the wheel gauge being too narrow (easily fixed), and it was 1.7oz too heavy (which I actually like).