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Construction: Painting


I used a fresh spray can of Krylon's Primer paint to paint the entire model, including the underbody, after a thorough washing. I am happy with the result so far. Next up, applying the final paint coat.

It was finally time to paint the model. I was using the airbrush for several other projects that also needed to be painted, so I didn't do quite as good a job on this car. Also, the only acceptable paint I had available was Scalecoat II "Oxide Red" (I have depleted my stash of Floquil colors). The paint dries extremely shiny, as I had a hard time taking a good photo that didn't reflect the camera and my shirt! This is the second time I have used Scalecoat paint, and for me hands-down Floquil is way better. I am going to try Tru-color for future projects. As far as this car is concerned, I need to do some underbody painting, touch up the airhoses, and then the decals are next.