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Construction: Decals


Previously Des Plaines Hobbies had made decals available for this kit. By the time I ordered my kit (about two months after the release), the decals were on back order. An e-mail exchange with Des Plaines Hobbies revealed that they now have a new decal set, two as a matter of fact. The one I selected (part #SSADPRR16), and one using the PRR's Shadow Keystone scheme (part #SSADPRR17), which is too new for my modeling era.

The decals looked fine. However, in my limited experience, these were the worst decals I've worked with. I don't know if it was partially due to using Scalecoat paint on this car. The decals are extremely thin, which is great. However, applying them was like using contact cement; as soon as they hit the car, they were stuck. Then trying to position them did all sorts of bad things to them. I learned that with water I had a couple of seconds, but that was it. As soon as Walthers Solvaset hit them, they disintegrate. It was best to slide them into the exact position I wanted them (which is hard to do sometimes), and then to let them sit and dry. When dry, I applied a light coat of Walthers Solvaset to melt them into the car's details. A couple of spots needed a second application, but you have to be extremely careful then. Most of the decals I got on this car have some problem with them. I am somewhat disappointed, but then again, I will have to work on hiding those defects using weathering powders.