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Tipple Installation


With the tipple's support structure done, the next logical step is to start putting these large components down and permanently attaching them to the module. However, the problem that has arisen is the fact that the support structure has warped a bit in all three dimensions. Some of these warps should be able to be to rectified by sheer clamping force, but some of them are more dramatic, some even possibly requiring "surgery". Then there is the prospect of having to make 44 contact points glue up at the same time in their correct locations. This all looks like it might be fraught with failure, which is not an option after having spent so much time on the building's construction. So, my first step is to form 88 brass angle plates that I will glue to the foundation blocks in the positions in which the support structure's columns should sit. I can then do a dry-run of fitting it to the module, and make all the necessary changes to the structure while it is still loose.

I think the lesson learned here is, that if you are going to build a structure out of strip styrene, do so while having it be attached to a solid foundation (layout, module base, sheet of plywood, etc.). That way the warping will be minimal and should be able to be corrected as construction progresses. Doing it the way I did it (free flowing), allows for it to contort in whatever direction it felt like.