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Peter's Model Railroading | 20210223

It is important to remember that this is a hobby, and not a part-time job. Nonetheless, it is good to have goals, and a general roadmap as to where I am heading. Things at the top of the list are relatively well-known and are therefore more detailed, with items down the list being more high-level ideas.

  • Build the Hazel Mine tipple building (trestle)
  • Build the mine incline into the back of the layout
  • Get all turnouts to operate smoothly
  • Apply final ballast layer to the other modules
  • Design and build the backdrops (needed for the cats and for photos)
  • Build a model of the Hazel mine power house
  • (may take a break from structure building and build an automobile, freight/passenger car, or locomotive)
  • Build models of the Hazel mine water tanks
  • Build a model of the Hazel mine walkway bridge
  • Build a model of the Hazel mine storage house
  • Build a model of the Hazel mine supply house
  • Complete the layout's scenic detailing
  • Plan the next set of modules (currently thinking about the Bells Tunnel)