PRR Chartiers Branch - Motive Power

Steam Locomotives

4-6-0 (class G5): used for lighter freight and regular passenger trains (common).
4-6-2 (class K4): used for heavier, special-occasion, passenger trains (rare).
2-8-0 (class H10): used for heavier freight (common).
2-8-2 (class L1): used for heavier freight (rare).
2-10-0 (class I1): used for heavy freight, mostly coal drags; photographic evidence of a train double-headed by two I1 engines appeared in The Keystone (Vol. 48, No. 1) (common).

Steam engines started being phased out around 1948 and were completely gone by 1953, according to people who lived in the area. (source of photo of PRR 2-8-0 #7537 from the author's collection)
Motive Power

Diesel Locomotives

Locals remember seeing Baldwin, EMD, and Fairbanks-Morse diesel switchers, however cab (e.g. Alco F's) or hood (e.g. EMD GP's) units were very seldom seen on the branch. Apparently there was a switcher at Canonsburg to help out with local switching work. At some point the steam engine was replaced with a diesel switcher. I have found no information as to which type of locomotives were used at this location.