PRR Chartiers Branch - Track Plan

Track Plan

I've spent quite a bit of time developing the track scheme shown below. There is also a full-size version available. Each horizontal line is 6,400 feet (1.21 miles). The intent behind this diagram was to see what it would take for me to fully model this branch line in S-scale (1:64). So, the reason for the length is that I made each horizontal line 100 real-world feet, and each vertical bar is 2 feet. Each orange dot is a stop marked on the PRR Track Chart. The bold names (above an orange dot) are the towns. The light gray text (below the orange dot) are other marked stops. Passing sidings are indicated, but not indicative of their position relative to the track. The blue numbers indicate mileposts, as measured from the Carnegie mainline (these are still a work-in-progress).

Needless to say, if I were to actually build something like this, the "vertical" sections would be more like six feet instead of two (turn-back loops). A building of 100'x100' would be needed. Also there is a substantial distance of just "scenery" between the Hills station (except the Montour Colliery) and the Morganza station, which could be skipped when modeled. Not shown are the branches and extended spurs that deviate away from the branch line.

The purpose of this diagram is just to visualize how far certain interesting spots were away from each other. On my to-do list for this diagram are to finish the milepost indicators, to add the various bridge crossings, and to mark off where the tunnel is located.
Track Plan