PRR Chartiers Branch - Tylerdale, PA

Tylerdale Connecting

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The Tylerdale Connecting began as an idea in the late 1800s by W. P. Tyler, and industrialist who opened a carbon tube mill in Washington. The valley quickly opened up as the industrial base of Washington PA due to the discovery of cheap natural gas and proximity of Chartiers creek which ran through the corridor.

Tyler (Tylerdale ward was named after W.P. Tyler) decided to build a connecting line to open up competition between the two railroads (then PRR and B&O) and get the best rates for his mill and the other industry that had developed.

Dunbar & Wallace Lumber

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The "Internet Archive" web site contains historical information about J. Harper Wallace who was a prominent citizen of Washington County, and president of Dunbar & Wallace Lumber Co. as well as of Crafton Builders' Supply Company in Crafton, PA. His second marriage yielded six children, several of whom were involved in either of the two companies. The Google newspaper article, published on February 1, 1969, mentions Wilbert B. Wallace as the president of the Dunbar & Wallace Lumber Co. at that time. They apparently provided specialty millwork. The company was started in 1901, and was located at 1045 Jefferson Avenue. Apparently it was the U.S. Plywood Corporation's headquarters for all Weldwood products and paneling. It provided dressed lumber as well as building supply materials such as lime, cement, and plaster. There was a hardware store (by the same name) located next to the lumber company. A full-time carpenter was employed to do custom work for clients. There were an additional 12 employees, six in the office, three in the store, two drivers, and one yard man. There is a company ad right next to the article. What a fantastic resource! According to the February 6, 1971 article, the company had grown to 4 yardmen, and seven office staff. That article announces the 70th anniversary of the company but otherwise is an almost exact reprint of the previous article. Dunbar & Wallace Lumber Co. was located at milepost 21.7 of the Chartiers Branch.