PRR Chartiers Branch - Washington, PA


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The glass industry alone employed 40,000 people in the Washington area. Washington also sits on top of the Pittsburgh Coal Vein, and is the hub of the current Marcellus Shale natural gas bonanza.

Washington Engine Servicing Facility

The end-of-the-line of the Chartiers Branch was an engine servicing facility in Washington, PA. The facilities included a turntable, a three-stall rectangular engine house/repair shop, as well as the typical appliances, such as water spouts, a platform, etc. Some photos show a turntable cabin (see below), while others show the turntable without one. It must have been added or removed at some point in time. The photo below came from the "prr_panhandle_pa" Yahoo group's photo section.
Washington, PA
The "prr_panhandle_pa" Yahoo group's files section has a Microsoft Word document that shows a map of the area dated between 1857 and 1906. It clearly shows the turntable and engine house. It indicates that the turntable was 60 feet in diameter. There is a prototype photo showing a 4-4-0 steam engine with tender on the bridge with maybe 4 feet to spare, so that would confirm the 60-foot length of the bridge. Note the orientation of the diagram. Conventionally, it should be turned clockwise 90 degrees, to have the "north" arrow pointing up.
Washington, PA