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Interurban Service


The following is a description of part of the trolley line between Canonsburg and Washington, PA:
"After leaving Washington Jct., the Washington line immediately switches to single track and remains so except for a short section of double track in the streets of Canonsburg. Rush hour tripper service is operated to a wye in Canonsburg even tho the last commuter left the car many miles before. The lack of a turn back point between Wash. Jct. and Canonsburg (and also between W. Library and Riverview on the Charleroi line) forces a great deal of extra mileage to be run to handle the short commuting riding. The remainder of the run between Canonsburg and Washington is of no special interest except for a short trestle over a railroad and creek. Just before entering Washington, the interurban passes Tylerdale Barn, home not only of the interurbans but also of the Washington city cars. The actual entrance into downtown Washington is made over the tracks of route W-1 Jefferson & Maiden to an off street wye and terminal on Beau Street near Main. Here the Company maintains a waiting room and ticket office for interurban riders."

In 1902, Washington & Canonsburg Railway Company starts building trolley track between Canonsburg and Washington, which was completed late-1903. In 1906, the Pittsburgh Railways Company buys the Washington & Canonsburg Railway Company. Pittsburgh Railways Company completes the track work to offer trolley service from Washington through Canonsburg to Pittsburgh's Union Station (orange trolleys and big red interurbans; see Canonsburg Reflections book, pg 81) in 1909.