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A watchman, Ernest Smith, at the Central Avenue railroad crossing in Canonsburg, PA, reported that 115 trains (passenger, coal, and general-freight), had crossed on a Thursday in April, 1902 on the Chartiers branch. That is a lot of traffic for a "simple" branch line! The pages linked to below provide all the prototype information about the equipment that ran on the Chartiers branch at around 1924. These pages will be updated over time.

As an aside, according to the Pennsy Power book, the PRR, in total in 1924, had a staggering 7,556 locomotives, 3,335 of which were the 2-8-0 engines. There were 579 2-8-2 engines, 700 4-6-2 engines, and 598 2-10-0 engines in their total fleet.

Steam Locomotives

4-6-0 class G5

4-6-2 class K4

2-8-0 class H10

2-8-2 class L1

2-10-0 class I1

Passenger Service

General Information


Freight Service

General Information

X26 box cars

X29 box cars

F25 flat cars

FM flat cars

FN flat cars

G24 gondolas

GL hoppers

GLa hoppers

GLc hoppers

GLd hoppers

H21a hoppers

H22 hoppers

H22a hoppers

H25 hoppers

N6b cabin cars