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Canonsburg Iron & Steel Works

The roots of this company were created in 1882 under the name of Canonsburg Iron Mill. It was the first industrial company in Canonsburg, PA. It was built just a little ways from the passenger station.

In 1902 the company was renamed to Canonsburg Iron & Steel Works, lead by John Budke (former owner of Budke Stamping Company, which he sold to American Tin Plate Company in 1900). The company produced metal sheet goods. As an aside, John Budke later became a Republican state senator of Washington County, PA.

In 1917 the company was sold to Edwards Manufacturing, but continued to operate under its existing name. In 1920 they built two more mills (for a total of 8). The company produced sheet metal for automobiles, roofing, imitation brick, stamped ceilings, etc. Iron arrived in bar stock, and the company used muriatic acid.

By 1931, continuous-strip milling made the rolling mill obsolete. The stamping department continued (corrugated roofing, etc.). The rolling mill closed before WWII.

In 1943 the National Can Corporation took over the building to produce shells for the U.S. Navy. The building was closed in 1945 due to the ending of the war.

In 1946 Forbes Steel Company took over the plant, specializing in the manufacture of welded wire fabric, reinforcing mesh, and flat steel washers.