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Treveskyn, PA

At Treveskyn, PA was on a passing siding, which could hold 35 cars in 1949 and had a speed limit of 15mph.

Maud Mine

The Maud mine was located at Treveskyn, PA, (Cuddy post office). There is a lot of confusion as to who owned the mine in its earlier days because the records show it was owned by the McClean Mining Company, or the McLane Mining Company, at various times in its existence. Another confusing issue, the mine maps and an old tipple show the mine entrance located around 920' MSL, at the northwest end of Maud Mine Road. However, photographs of the Maud mine tipple, taken by Allegheny County way back when, show the tipple down along Millers Run on the B&M Branch at about 900' MSL. A careful look at the 1938/39 aerial photos show what appears to be a railroad track running down alongside Fishing Run to Route 50, and what appear to be mine cars sitting on the tracks up at the mine. The 1906 topographical map shows a short spur coming off of the B&M main track, crossing Route 50, and going part way up the valley toward the mine. So it appears that Maud had an inclined plane running from the mine down to the siding at one time. Although the mine cars show up on the aerial photos, the siding is no longer there, nor was there any indications of a tipple on the north side of Route 50. McClane (or McLane) had to open their mine so far up the Fishing Run valley (actually it's called Mohawk Valley) because both sides at the lower end were already occupied by the Creedmore mine on the west and the Vulcan mine on the east. The Maud mine was fortunate because the Pittsburgh Coal Seam which dips from 1,020' MSL to about 900' MSL toward the southeast into Miller Run valley has a little hook right where the Maud mine entrance is located. The mine entered the seam at 980' MSL and mined uphill to 1,000' MSL allowing water from the mine to drain into Fishing Run. The mines that bordered Maud mine were, Chalfant (north), Morgan (east), Willow Grove (northwest), Creedmore (southwest), and Vulcan (southeast).

In 1936, the Allegheny County Commissioners and South Fayette Township bought the Maud mine for $31,000 at a sheriff's sale. They got the mine, tipple, siding, and about 300 acres of land and coal. The mine had $888,000 in delinquent mortgages on it, which were waived. They operated the mine for three years and put it back on the market in 1939, never having made a profit. Campbell Coal Company took over the Maud in 1949 and operated it until 1962 when they put in the airport. After they moved the airport west to its current location, they built the Pittsburgh International Dragway on the property, which operated until 1976. In 1988, the Mohawk Mining Corporation applied to re-open the mine but the folks living on Battle Ridge Road complained, even though the coal seam was between 190 and 240 feet underneath their homes. At that time there were only 58 acres of coal left, but a good miner could probably get 500,000 tons of coal out of that much acreage if the seam was consistent.

Some clarification on the B&M track chart that showed both McClane and McClean coal companies using the siding. McClean was operating the Vulcan mine at that time, and it is assumed Maud and Vulcan shared the tipple.

A local report that Ed Witzberger, owner of the Heidelberg raceway, owned a coal mine right on the Chartiers branch at the present site of Flynns Tires (old E. W. tire).