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Washington, PA

Washington, PA officially becomes a city in 1924.

This page will capture some general information about the city of Washington, PA. Also, it will house some temporary research information I have found that I have not been able to sub-categorize, yet.

"Brockway Glass Co" was served by the B&O and produced glass jars.

"Hazel-Atlas Glass Co" was served by the B&O and produced glassware.

"Washington Steel Co" was served by the B&O and produced stainless steel.

I came across this quote:
"I am helping a fellow who is researching for a book on Conrail in the 90s and was talking to a buddy of mine who used to work the local out of Canonsburg. He said they used to pull wagontop boxcars off the Tylerdale that were loads for Greif Brothers, a company that makes cardboard containers. They had another plant on the B&O in 84 PA [still serviced by the AVRR shortline] that they would do inter-plant shipments with the one on our line. They also pulled some for a tinplate mill in Washington that none of us can remember the name of. Looks like you might need a couple more of them buggies.