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Washington Passenger Station


At the passenger station in Washington, PA, the Chartiers Branch connected with the PRR-owned Waynesburg & Washington RR.

The Washington, PA South Main street station built by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1907 to improve passenger station conditions at the Chestnut street station "sheepshed station". This station was also shared by the PRR-acquired Washington and Waynesburg Railroad, a narrow-gauge line that ran from Washington to Waynesburg, PA. The roof was replaced after a bad fire in 1960 which destroyed most of the dormer and unique design. The glass duckbill canopy at the front entrance was gone even before passenger service ended on the Chartiers Branch in July of 1952. This building is now used for storage by Judson Wylie Supply. There was recent interest in turning it into a farmers market. The Ruck coal spur is off to the right of the building on the far right hand side of the photo.

The PRR had two stations in Washington, the Main St station, now occupied by Judson Wiley, and the Chestnut St station. The wooden one story station is gone, but the brick freight house remains, rebuilt into offices. The industrial area along Jefferson Ave was served by the PRR and during W&W days many of the tracks were dual gauged to be served by the narrow-gauge.