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Above All, Do Your Own Research!

I am a naturalized U.S. citizen, and I love this country. It is/was the last free country in the world, and we are on the precipice of losing it; unless we make some serious changes.

"When the people fear the government, there is TYRANNY; when the government fears the people, there is LIBERTY."

    - Thomas Jefferson

"Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other."

    - John Adams

Being asked what they (the founders) had given us, Ben Franklin replied, "A Republic; if you can keep it."

Don't Want to Learn the Truth? Please, Skip This Page

On this page, on my own personal web site, I am expressing my own personal view of the world. I am exercising my First Amendment right to free speech. I share what I know in the hopes that you find it helpful, useful, or educational. If you disagree with my view, then that is perfectly fine; simply don't visit this page again. You will not find any political views expressed on the other pages of this web site, so feel free to just enjoy those. The links provided farther down this page are not to my original content; I am providing those to support my personal belief system. You may ignore them, or use them as starting points for your own research. I don't "advertise" this page, so if you found it, consider it a "sign".

Who Am I?

I would flag myself as a "Constitutional Conservative". I have read through the entire Texas state Republican Party's Platform, and I agree with just about all of it, so here in Texas I can flag myself a Republican. I have always voted Republican. Conversely, I am a staunch opponent of the Republican "establishment" (the "George Bush" type of "Republicans", the neo-Cons), and am solidly in favor of term limits. I know why the Founding Fathers didn't put term limits in the Constitution (other than for the President), but it has now been abused, with corrupt politicians making an entire lifetime out of the career, which the Founding Fathers only considered to be a temporary, sacrificial service to the nation, not a lifetime of corruption, self-engrandizement, and wealth-generator, paid for by us the tax-payer.

The United States of America

Unlike what so many people state, the U.S.A is not a democracy; we are a representative republic. A democracy is a step above tyranical systems such as communist, fascist, and other such dictatorial governmental systems. However, the definition of a democracy is that people have a right to vote, but ultimately, the majority rules. So, a true democracy, such as what is found in Europe, is not favorable to minorities, or less-represented groups. A republic, on the other hand, gives each entity equal say-so in political matters. So, a tiny state, such as Vermont, has equal representation in the U.S. Senate as do the larger states, such as California, New York, and Texas. If the U.S. were a democracy, Vermont would literally have no input to the political system in the U.S.

High-level Overview of Where We Are

In the United States of America there was a presidential election in November of 2020. Election fraud was rampant on the Democrat side in the 2016 election, but such a vast number of Americans voted for Donald Trump, that he won, despite the mass of corruption. Not wanting a repeat of the same thing, the Democrats went all-out for the 2020 election, implementing every evil trick they could think of. However, despite four years of negative press by the legacy media, the American people are smarter than that, and overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump again. Once again, overriding the even more massive election fraud committed by the Democrats. In a desperate (and treasonous) act, overnight when everybody knew Trump had clearly won, they manipulated the servers, double-counted ballots, shipped in brand new ballots, and did all manner of heinous acts to skew the numbers in favor of Biden. So, we woke up the next day to the headlines that Trump lost; that Biden won even though he never campaigned, and never left his Delaware basement, by some huge number that has never been seen before in the U.S. The U.S. Army eventually retrieved a server in Germany that revealed that Donald Trump won with over 100 million votes (the highest number of votes ever!), and Biden barely got 20 million. The legacy and criminal media all reported vastly different and made-up numbers.

How Did We Get there?

"Covid" was a world-wide planned scheme to facilitate the complete lockdown of all countries, to install or activate controlled dictators in nearly all countries, including in the United States. The U.S. was the last country that the puppet masters, those who sit high above the political leaders we see every day, did not fully control yet, especially with Donald Trump in charge. These unconstitutional lockdowns allowed some states to unconstitutionally allow "mail-in ballots", meaning that you didn't have to go and prove that you were a citizen and could simply mail in your votes. Want to vote more than once; just ask for another mail-in ballot. Additionally, once these were allowed by a number of states, criminals fake-filled-out many additional ballots. And, of course, as most criminals are baffoons, they filled out all of these fake ballots to be votes for Democrats!

Because these criminals and Democrats believe that the U.S. population is basically stupid, they thought they'd get away with it. The rampant fraud was quickly brought to light. But, because real Americans play by the rules and the laws of this country, the criminal acts were taken through the court system. Most courts in the U.S. are corrupt by now; most judges are bought-and-paid-for. So, most cases weren't even allowed to be heard, because no individual judge was going to go against the evil system of which they are so much a part. The media could then gloat that Trump had no legal standing and that this was a "fair" election. These evil characters all feed on themselves.

How Did The Coup Happen?

Fortunately, there were a few real Americans left in Congress. By the time the U.S. Congress was to put their stamp of approval on the presidential election results of 2020, these few brave souls had announced that they were going to bring legitimate motions to the Congress requesting a postponement of the certification.

The Democrats and the Chinese communist party-supported candidates (on both sides of the aisle) knew this and put into motion a plan to start their evil coup. On the day the certification was to take place, January 6, 2021, Donald Trump gave a speech. Afterwards, many of the crowd walked over to the Congress to protest the certification, as we all believed that the election was rigged. This was all known ahead of time, as large gatherings have to be registered with the local authorities. The crowd was peaceful. Within the crowd, we now know that there were uncover BLM and Antifa criminals, and there were undercover federal agents from several three-letter agencies, all acting and looking like your typical Trump supporter. These provocateurs then eventually broke into the building and stormed inside the Capitol. There is now plenty of video evidence to show that entry into the building was facilitated by people in-the-know (see farther below on this page for references).

As detailed in this article, this was a well-timed, well-planned-out, second phase of the coup. Sponsored by the Chinese communist party (which themselves are controlled by the unknown super-elite), the communist sympathizers executed a brilliant plan to make it such that no complaints about the election could ever be heard in Congress, and then conspired to put communist Biden into the position.

On January 20, 2021, the final act of the coup was completed by publicly showing the "swearing in" of the communist dictator Biden. The video shown on the news clearly showed that portions of this coup were pre-recorded (weather didn't match what locals reported for that day; Biden's wife "changed" shoes several times throughout the "live" broadcast). This was all a well-rehearsed, well-planned take-over of the United States of America.

We Are At War

Basically, today, we are in middle of a civil war in the U.S. However, unlike the first Civil War, this is not about the several states fighting against the several other states, but rather it is a war of legitimate American U.S. citizens fighting against a Chinese communist party-sponsored U.S. federal government. Their end goal is to make us into a communist nation, much like China, and be put under control of the super-elite, as are most other countries.

Today, we have two governments running the United States. The illegitimate one that appears to be run by this thing called Biden (the real Delaware senator Joe Biden died in 2019; what we're seeing is a clone or an actor), and the legitimate one, run by the U.S. Military that is loyal to the U.S. Constitution. You see, Donald Trump was aware that the Chinese communist were planning to interfere in the 2020 election. So, in 2020 he invoked the Insurrection Act of 1807 (Wikipedia, which could be reworded by the criminals at any time, so this may not be a legitimate reference in the future; other link). What this act does is that it effectively puts the country in the severe state of emergency, and puts the U.S. military in charge of the country. It is their responsibility to capture and convict the criminals that invaded our country, and put back into the Presidency the legitimately-elected president, in this case that would be Donald Trump. This is why Donald Trump never conceded to the election; he is the President of the United States of America for as long as this act is active (which could, theoretically, exceed the Constitution's two-term/10-year limit; it depends on how long it takes for the good U.S. military to restore the country back again and defeat the communist traitors).

While, technically, the military could have stepped in on January 20, 2021 and put Donald Trump back into the position of the President of the United States as he had clearly won the election, Trump and the good military agreed not to do that. While it was the correct legal thing to do, it would have most certainly led to an all-out civil war, with many regular Americans dying. Other than for most corrupt politicians, corrupt media, corrupt medical community, corrupt courts, BLM, and Antifa activists, American citizens are not the target of this war, whether Democrats, Republicans, or Independents. So, to avoid civil war, they decided to work more covertly. They allowed the people that run Biden to continue to dig a deeper and deeper hole for themselves. Many people are simply not politically aware and will continue to vote as they have been told to vote. Now, what we are seeing, are the results of what would happen if a communist, anti-American dictator is put in charge of the United States. There have been previous examples of this, but they didn't wake enough people up. Obama was an anti-American communist dictator, but many people were fooled into thinking he was a "nice guy". That he could finally resolve the racial issues and lift the black people out of poverty. He, of course, had no such intentions and did nothing of the sort. He simply continued to do what the people above him, the super-elite, told him to do. He robbed us of more freedoms, siphoned off more of our money, and started and continued many more wars, killing innocent people all over the world. Just like Bush and Clinton had done before him. Both the Bush presidents were fascists. Bill Clinton was a baffoon, but his wife was a devout communist. The super-elite had planned for Hillary to be the president in 2016. That way after 8 years of Obama and 8 years of Hillary, this country would be a solid communist country, finally under full control of the super-elite. Trump prevented that from happening.

As an aside, the good U.S. military is nicknamed "the White Hats". The corrupt portion of the military, those that have sworn allegiance to the communist dictator Biden, are called "the Dark Hats" or "the Black Hats". These two are fighting each other now, with the White Hats winning overwhelmingly.

What's Been Happening, Covertly?

When Trump ran on the platform of "Draining the Swamp", it was a nice way of stating that he was going to get rid of the communists who wanted to overthrow this country (for his 2024 campaign he is much more open and outspoken about that, and he now calls them communists outright). At this point there is no need to distinguish between Democrats and Republicans; politicians are either Americans or they are anti-America. Most politicians in office today are anti-America, anti-freedom, anti-individual rights, regardless of whether they have a "D" or an "R" behind their name. Most don't honor or live by the Constitution, thereby violating their oath of office.

Trump and his team built hundreds of thousands of indictments against the controllers of the "Swamp" in his first four years in office. Since the court system in the U.S. is totally corrupt, the good military is now in charge of investigating each of these indictments, and if the people involved are found guilty of treason or other heinous crimes (such as crimes-against-humanity), they are studied, arrested, and ultimately put to trial in a military tribunal. The "covid" plandemic caused another 30,000 indictments to be created, and recently they built an additional collection of 19,000 U.S. doctors that have a military indictment filed against them.

As each case is processed, the guilty are arrested and eventually brought to trial. Some of those are being reported on, but, of course, not by the corrupt legacy media. For some, the legacy media makes up an excuse to explain why these people are no longer around.

From reports I have read and watched, it appears that most, if not all, of the super-elite have been identified and appropriately dealt with. This is the brain trust that controlled the higher-ups (e.g. they are the ones who controlled the top politicians such as presidents, prime-ministers, etc.). That is why you see these politicians act so stupidly and say such absurd things, because there is no one telling them what to say. It is my firm belief that most of these top politicians are of the lowest forms of humanity. It is an upside-down world where the people you wouldn't want to associate with and are the worst of what humanity has to offer, are the very people who create and set our laws and control our freedoms. This is true for nearly all countries in the world, today. Truly wise and gifted people wouldn't touch politics with a ten-foot pole.

The underlying most heinous of crimes that most corrupt politicians and almost all of the Hollywood elite are involved in is pedophilia and the trafficking and torture of children and women. So, the next wave of cleansing was for all good militaries of the world to work together to round up and properly dispose of the abject evil entities (they can't be called "humans") that orchestrated and participated in these acts. Most of these vile activities took place under ground, which is why many parts of the world have been reporting unexplained "earthquakes" and loud booms. The good militaries were utterly destroying the places where these evil entities were hiding out. It is well-known that Washington D.C. has a vast underground tunneling system, most of which is not accessible to the public. It was interesting to observe how "covid" cleared out all of D.C. and magically, overnight all of this "reconstruction and remodeling" was taking place all over the city. However, no members of the public were ever allowed to go in and see what was happening. They were, of course, destroying the underground pedophilia system and masquerading it as a renovation project. Many children and bodies were found when the good military went in to clear these tunnels.

Watch "The Greatest Show on Earth" for free.

What is Our End Goal?

Q announceements of part of the plans for the future.

The good military and Donald Trump want to return the United States to be restored as a Constitutional Republic. The criminals are and will continue to be rounded up and put to trial. Corruption must be stamped out and good people must take over, not just here, but in the entire world.

Government, at all levels, needs to be reduced in size to be as big as it needs to be to do its Constitutionally-assigned tasks and no more. All people must be able to do as they please, so long as it doesn't harm another individual, their family, and their possessions. Free-market enterprise must resume, with almost no government oversight or control. If a company does harm, it must be publicized, and people should stop financially supporting or do business with such companies. Privacy policies must be written in plain language and openly available.

We must move closer to the Voluntaryism system. That is the only enlightened way forward for humanity, aided by spiritual (not religious) growth and awareness. You can learn more about this approach via this web site.

The Importance of the Second Amendment

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

The purpose of the Second Amendment is not only for us to be able to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our private property, but also to stand up to tyranny of the federal government. If you look at dictatorships, the first thing they do is confiscate guns. They fear an armed populace. The U.S. is one of the few remaining countries where we still have the right to protect ourselves; in all other countries, criminals and their governments (often the same thing) have complete and total control over all situations.

I remember reading a newspaper article in Holland (where I was born and raised), where a criminal with a gun broke into a victim's home, and they started to fight. The victim managed to get the gun away from the criminal and shot him. Unfortunately, he did not kill the criminal, so under the Dutch legal system, where it is illegal to own and use a gun, the victim was arrested and he wound up having to pay for all the medical expenses of the criminal. This is the world that the anti-gun people want, i.e. the criminals (who by definition are NOT going to obey the law) will be the only ones that have guns, while the law-abiding citizen is just about guaranteed to never own a gun, thus the criminal always knows that he has the upper-hand on any victim.

And, remember; the police are not here to protect you from criminals; they are here to investigate the mess of the aftermath.

Reliable News Sources

The future of "News" is from true investigative journalists, i.e. citizen journalism is where it is at. These are my trusted sources:

Unreliable News "Sources"

Basically, all of the major, now-legacy, news media corporation are completely unreliable. When you watch the "evening news", you only get the stories that they want you to see, presented by professionals who only present what they want you to know or come to believe as "fact". In other words, they are nothing but propaganda machines, and wholely unreliable. The number of people watching cable or local news is dwindling by the day, and their viewership numbers are unsustainably low. This is a good thing; keep not watching these legacy media.

Web sites, such as Snopes and FactCheck, the ones that were ostensibly set up to "debunk conspiracies", are web sites financed and controlled by the same parent companies that own the legacy media corporation. They work on the principle of, "Tell a lie often enough, and it becomes the 'truth'". So, needless to say, they are simply echoing services of the propaganda machines. For those of us wanting to know the truth and actual facts, these web sites are useless, other then for comic relief. Similarly, you will have likely seen the light-blue block that YouTube puts under videos that contain topics that they do not approve of (e.g. "climate change is nonsense"), and so they show what their "facts" are about the topic. If you see a video with such a blue block under it, it is a sure sign that the video's content is close to the truth and YouTube's ownership (Google) doesn't want you to believe the content of the video.

Google's brainwashing attempt, perpetuating their warped political views.

When you do a search on the Web using something like Google or Bing, you are getting results that they want you to see. Do not for a second believe that they honestly searched the entire Internet and are presenting you with all of the relevant information. They heavily filter their displayed content to fit their own ideological belief system. Conceptually, this might be OK if you could use two or three different search engines and then compare the results to see which one reveals more of the relevant information in which you are interested. Unfortunately, all of the major corporations that own the search engines have very similar ideological belief systems, so they are all likely to show the exact same results. For example, if you wish to research some current news topic further, you will have pages and pages of search result hits that show nothing but links to the various legacy media corporation sites and the various "fact-checking" web sites. They now have a monopoly on this, so there are no alternatives; you have to develop your own news sources that you can trust (I have linked the few that I use, above).


External References Supporting My Thoughts

The rest of this page is my collection of references. I update, review, and remove these often. Use these as a starting point to do your own research. Categories of links are in alphabetical order.

Brandolini's Law: "The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than that needed to produce it." So, this page takes quite a bit of my time researching, filtering, and editing it, but I believe it worth it.

Remember: A Key Factual Statement!


I am fascinated by what happened on 9/11, because I was at work when it happened and we all watched the TV. I always knew that there was something "off" with the event; things didn't add up. The two towers coming down looked more like a controlled demolition rather than a plane hitting it. It is unfathomable that structural engineers would not have designed these buildings to be able to take a direct hit from an airplane (structural engineers have already testified that they most certainly accounted for that in the design of the twin towers). The other building coming down many hours later some distance away, not being hit by a plane, was extremely odd. It, too, looked like a controlled demolition. The fact that the area where flight 93 went down in Pennsylvania clearly showed no pieces of a plane and was cleaned up in record time, was very odd. The Pentagon damage also showed no evidence of a plane, and looked more like a missile strike, or the remnants of an exploded bomb near the building. The fact that most of the rubble from the towers was exported and sent to China for "storage" was extremely odd. Why? Can't we store our own debris? Or, was it that they were trying to hide the evidence?...

As more and more people study the real evidence, the truth is coming out and it is one of the most heinous crimes ever committed on U.S. citizens, but not as reported by the controlled mass-media. The truth is that George W. Bush (U.S. president at the time), Dick Cheney (Vice-President at the time), and Donald Rumsfeld (Secretary of Defense at the time), planned and managed the attack on the buildings in New York city, using the CIA to recruit brainwashed Arabs to appear to be the guilty ones; they were patsies. The criminal trio wanted to blow up incriminating evidence held in the targeted buildings, and then stood to gain financially by artificially creating yet another war, and they were perfectly OK with killing over 7,000 U.S. citizens to be able to get the planned war started (read the evidence revealed in the trial, if you don't believe me). Not to mention the over 8,000 military personnel that subsequently died in these planned wars, including in Afghanistan. No plane hit the Pentagon, and United Airlines flight 93 was shot down on orders of the U.S. President.


Just in case you don't know, adrenochrome is a drug used by political and Hollywood elite (and probably many corporate CEOs), to make themselves look young and energetic again. The way it is "harvested" is just about the most vile evil that anyone can imagine. They kidnap children, from babies on up, treaten, scare, rape, and mutilate them to where their blood is filled with adrenline because they are being scared out of their wits, and then they syphon off their blood. This is then processed and sold on the black market as "adrenochrome". Eventually, when these children are in a near catatonic, they kill them and burn them. Our children are used as less-than-cattle by these evil entities. The reason why these evil entities are protecting Ukraine is because that is the last remaining country where this is still being done full-scale. This is the real reason why Putin is bombing Ukraine; he is blowing up their factories and warehouses. His military have rescued tens of thousands of children from Ukraine. Many of them are from border towns in Russia, kidnapped. His military found a number of American children as well, and Donald Trump has personally paid for transporting those rescued children back to the U.S. and back to being reunited with their parents and family. This is at the core of what is going on in the world. The war in Ukraine is not about the Ukranian citizens (who are caught in the middle of it all), but about the evil regimes wanting to preserve their last stand for adrenochrome production, while Putin's military is strategically, and with minimal collatoral damage, taking out their production plants. The media and Hollywood are in on it, so that is why they are constantly telling us that the Ukranian "president" is a good guy and Putin is evil. The same as here: "Biden is good; Trump is evil".

Child Trafficking

Clones Are Real

Just when you thought this world can't get any weirder, the very wealthy and very powerful have clones made of themselves. Since reliable sources are mentioning that certain well-known figures have been tried and executed, how come we still see them walking around and being reported on by the legacy media? Cloning! (among other fakeries, such as body suits, computer graphics on pre-recorded images, look-alike actors, etc.).

  • Stand-ins: these are simply paid actors who happen to look a lot like the people that they are purporting to be. We've all seen comics who look like Clinton and Bush. (Biden's stand-in actor is Arthur Roberts).
  • Body-doubles: these are paid actors who wear a partial or full body suit that makes them look like the people that they are purporting to be. Hollywood is replete with these.
  • CGI: computer graphics. This is used extensively in Hollywood movies, so there is no reason why this can't be fully employed by a complicit legacy media. Don't believe this is possible? Look at this video where the singer is shown on the screen looking and sounding like the person he is impersonating, live in front of an audience!
  • Old footage: A common trick that legacy media will use is to simply show old footage of a person or an event, in the hopes that no one remembers that footage, and report it as current or "live" footage. With a bit of digital editing, they can make this look very convincing. Only if you were actually there, would you be able to tell the difference between what really happened and what the media wants you to believe is happening.
  • Clones: These are duplicates of a real person, made to look like the person they are representing, and being pre-programmed with a lot of what the real person has done in his or her life, so that they appear to be convincing. Don't believe human cloning is being done? Neither did the good military leadership running the United States right now;... until they stumbled upon buildings where these clones were being manufactured, with actual examples stored there (see the first link below).

Communism in the U.S. is Real

Corrupt Politicians



The once great Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) has invited Robert Kennedy Jr. to attend their conference. While Robert is a better choice than Biden, he is still quoted as stating that gasoline prices in the U.S. need to go to $12.50 per gallon. So, at heart, he is still an anti-freedom, globalist-controlled entity. The RNC and CPAC are now actively trying to divide the conservatives in the U.S. What a despicable act.

Dystopian Paradise, a.k.a. "The New World Order", a.k.a. "One World Government"

A Michael Bloomberg-funded organization by the name of "C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group" (currently over 100 cities have signed up to this) has made it a goal for these, and other, cities in the U.S.: Austin, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Seattle; to have the following restrictions in place by 2030 (6 years from now):

  • No citizen will be allowed to consume meat.
  • No citizen will be allowed to consume dairy products.
  • Only three new articles of clothing are allowed to be bought per person per year
  • No citizen is allowed to own a private vehicle
  • Only one up-to-1500km flight per person every three years


Election Fraud

Electric Cars

Electric cars are bad for the environment. Period. They require nasty chemicals for the batteries. They cost much more than regular cars. Batteries need frequent recharging, especially in very cold or very hot weather. If your car is not near an outlet, you're going to have to run an extension cord. Your electric bill is going to go up. Electric cars are "throw-away" vehicles, because no one is going to invest $20,000 to replace the car's battery when it is 7 years old and the batteries won't hold much of charge. We still drive cars from the '50s, '60s, and '70s. Electric cars go to the junk yard after 7 to 10 years. They are an environmental disaster.

Eye-opening Films

Eye-opening Documentaries


For more, see the "Maui" topic farther below.

Federal Government Crimes

Flat Earth Theory

I think the "Flat Earth" theory is complete hogwash.


Good Politicians (There Are a Few)

Global Warming/Climate Change

Complete and total made-up hogwash. Many "scientists" and lunatics, such as Al Gore, predicted that we'd be drowning in the melted-ice oceans by now. Well, the sea water level in Galveston, Texas is still exactly the same today as it was in 1980 when I first moved to the Houston area. Forty-plus years of nonsensical propaganda, with zero evidence, and people STILL fall for this crap!

Hillary Clinton



Being a naturalized citizen, I am 100% for kicking people out of this country that entered it illegally. No matter the sob-story, there are plenty of legal ways to enter the U.S. If your first act into this country is an illegal one, you are quite literally not an American at heart.

I fell in love with this country and its people after about a month of living here. My Dad was here on a two-year assignment using a work visa. When I graduated High School I applied for and received a "foreign student visa", which allowed me to continue to stay here and complete my education. Along the way I met and married my wife. I went through the legal system to become naturalized. It is a long process. One of the requirements is that you must not have a criminal record. Since illegals coming across the border ILLEGALLY now have a criminal record, they cannot EVER be allowed in the U.S. and certainly not be allowed to work and live here, nor ever become citizens.

I strongly support a Constitutional Amendment that requires at least one of the two parents to be U.S. citizens before a child born in the U.S. can be a U.S. citizen. It is an abhorrent abuse of our system to come here either illegally or on vacation, just to give birth to a child, and then use the fact that the child is a "U.S. citizen" to then quite literally bring the whole extended family over into the country. It is just morally wrong. Period.

If you think this is "extreme", you should study the requirements that other countries have!

January 6, 2021

Phase I of the overthrow of the United States was the fraudulent 2020 election. Phase II was the deliberate prevention of hearing of fraudulent claims by the Congress, and Phase III was the "swearing in" of the communist dictator Biden. The links below document the treasonous acts of anti-American forces executing Phase II.

Joe Biden



There is lots of speculation as to what happened on the island of Maui, Hawaii in early August. The legacy media reports that it was random wild fires that broke out that set the island ablaze killing many people, and destroying many homes.

However, it seems to appear, and be much more plausible, that the fires were set on purpose by nefarious entities, for the purpose of driving out the native Hawaiians living on the island, so that land developers could take over the land for next to nothing, build their expensive properties, and make tons of money.

People living on the island (i.e. citizen reporters) were posting videos showing FEMA roadblocks, FEMA stealing food and supplies from local groceries stores, building stockpiles, and preventing any locals from gaining access to that. People were turned away at roadblocks, some where shot in the back, and boats from other islands coming over to Maui were actively being shot at by FEMA and Hawaii National Guard troops, discouraging them from making landfall and coming to the aid of the locals.

This looked more like a military invasion of the island, then a natural disaster. The White Hats sent troops to investigate and take the island back from the criminal regime. Moral of the story: Do not donate to FEMA, The Red Cross, United Way, or any such large organization; they are controlled by criminals. This is nothing but government (at all levels) sponsored and orchestrated genocide of the Hawaiian people.


Donald J. Trump is the Commander-in-Chief and military loyal to the U.S. Constitution work with him. Period. Biden's controllers only have control over the handful of corrupt, traitorous military staff.

Minimum Wage

Artificially setting a minimum wage is a form of socialism, or its cousin, communism. To force the artificial inflation of wages without regard for whether or not the market can support that, leads to the reduction of employees, increased workload on the remaining employees, increasing of costs passed on to the company's customers, or the closure of the business. Canada raised its minimum wage to $15CAN and many restaurants closed up shop. You cannot artificially raise the wage; it must be done through free-market competition. The real reason for even needing a minimum wage is due to government interference in the market, preventing true free-market competition.

News Media/Legacy Media

Stop watching ABS, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, etc., etc. They are controlled and manipulated by evil entities. They spout whatever nonsense they want you to believe, and they repeat it often enough to give the illusion that it is true. The old adage applies: "Tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth." They are the source of misinformation, disinformation, and government-spouted propaganda. Stop falling for it. One of the best things I did was to stop watching regular television in 2010. Once my wife also convinced herself of that a couple of years later, we threw out the TV.


Facts: Obama is gay, "married" to Michael (a man dressed as a woman), and he enjoys sex with teenage boys. He is a devout communist, a muslim, a hater of all things that Americans stand for, and, likely, not legally born in the U.S. to begin with. People suspect that Obama is controlling Biden in the background. That also explains why the Demoncrats don't want to see another candidate other than Biden or Harris, because both of those are controlled by Obama. So, Obama is able to fulfill his wish of having a third and fourth term, especially now that Clinton has been neutralized. Their objective remains the same: destablize the United States of America, so that they can then install their form of communism/Marxism into this country. That is why have they no regard nor respect for the U.S. Constitution, because they are working on completely overthrowing this nation.


Next to the Patriot Act, this was the worst piece of "legislation" ever created in the United States. The spineless judges of the Supreme Court didn't think it was a violation of the U.S. Constitution, when clearly it is. It is my sincere hope that this piece of crap is eventually completely removed. Of course, we all know that the objective with Obamacare is to put all health insurance companies out of the business so that they can justify a "national healthcare" system, which besides making gun-ownership illegal, is the next step to take toward full-blown communism.


For about 6 years I worked as a consultant at one of the major oil companies. While there, I was sent e-mails about the state of the company, including details about the oil reserves the company had under its control or management. This was of interest to me, because I was involved in writing the software that was a 3D reservoir simulator, which allowed engineers to visualize the below-ground geological strata of an oil reservoir in 3D on a computer screen. What I found very eye-opening was that, although the media and the environmentalists talked about the shortage of oil, the quantity of oil in the reservoirs that this oil company had access to, significantly increased in the few years I worked there.

The "fact" that oil is of limited supply is complete hogwash. Oil is very abundant and it is cheap. A gentleman by the name of Clif High mentions that oil is the second most-abundant material created by the Earth, after water. The whole concept of ancient dinosaurs and ancient vegetation being put under pressure enough to eventually form oil is ludicrous. I read an article years ago (a reference to it is lost in time) that mentioned that oil is basically the Earth's cranial fluid, of sorts, and she is always making more.

So, if you presuppose that to be factual, then the need (and extensive capital being invested in) finding "alternative" energy sources is just a waste of time and money. If you are concerned about "clean" energy, then look at nuclear.

Other Beings

I believe in the existence of species living on other planets, moons, or other objects that do not live on the Earth. I believe some are more advanced than we are, and I believe some are not.

I also believe in non-physical beings, such as angels.

I am also a firm believer in the existence of the Sasquatch race of human-like beings. They are older, wiser, and far more powerful than we humans are. They have abilities that we could only dream about. I believe they are the "top of the food chain", and were the original inhabitants of this Earth, as far as intelligent beings are concerned. I also believe that they were driven into hiding by the native Americans ("Indians"). I do not believe that Native Americans (or "First Nation" people as they are called in Canada) were the original settlers of North America. It is my hope that humans will eventually evolve enough to where we can peacefully and respectfully co-exist with the Sasquatch, out in the open.

Patriot Act

Created after the false-flag of 9/11, this act effectively nullified much of the U.S. Constitution. Bush signed it under the guise of "fighting terrorism" (see 9/11 topic above), and then Obama redefined what a "terrorist" is, which is anyone who supports the Constitution and is a freedom-loving American. It doesn't matter which political party gets into power; they both wish to destroy our country.

People Speaking Their Mind

If anyone but Trump wins in 2024, the elections are absolutely and totally rigged and can never be trusted again, and we will be permanently a communist, third-world nation.

Pure Evil


It is my personal belief that, since all religions are man-made, they are all corrupt and part of the evil that exists on this planet. The more famous and the wealthier a religious person, group, or organization is, the more corrupt they are. I used to be a Bible-thumping devout evangelical Christian, until I started to question things. I now believe that the "Bible" is nothing but a collection of nice (and some not-so-nice) stories that are intended to get people on the right path. That's all it is. Nothing magical, nothing complete, and nothing "God".

I personally do not believe in the existence of "God", especially not by the definitions used by the various religions. This "God" is some sort of overseer of all people and he judges our actions. This is completely man-made nonsense, created for the purpose of controlling and manipulating large groups of people. These then eventually devolved into "religions".

I believe we are literally all One. We all exist, have always existed, and will always continue to exist. There is no hierarchical dictatorship, and we should never bow to anyone. Rather, I believe, each one of us influences the One, and the One influences each one of us. I liken it more to a large flock of birds that you see flying in the sky. As you watch them, all of a sudden they change direction. There was no leader, no dictactor, no committee that convened to decide what is the best direction to go in next. They all collectively and instantaneously decided to go into a different direction.

We, as humans, work at a slower pace than that, but it is still the same. We have, collectively, seen what evil entities have brought upon us over the past hundreds of years, and we are now, slowly, becoming aware of it all. We now need to decide whether we want that evil to continue, or if we want to change our direction. On this page, I advocate for a change of direction, where people all over this planet are free to do as they please, where evil is permanently removed from this planet.

Republican National Committee

Note that the RNC is a private corporation that tries to get candidates to run as Republicans, just like the Democrat National Committee is a similar private corporation for Democrates. Both organizations are heavily controlled by wealthy donors, nearly all of whom seek to destroy the United States of American and its Constitution, and elimininate or nullify as many of the Bill of Rights as possible.

This leaves those of us who like neither corporation with no real choice. A third party is a dead from the word "go", because these two corrupt organizations control everything. The only one who came close was Ross Perot in 1992. Unfortunately, he divided the conservative/Republican voters, and thus enabled Bill Clinton to win. People have asked Donald Trump to start a third party, but he refuses. He wants to use the Republican side, infiltrate it with real patriotic Americans, and return the party from the anti-freedom establishment Republicans back to the regular citizens. I think that is the correct approach to take.

Staged Events/Mass Shootings

It is my firm belief that nearly all mass shootings are staged events. Even the "George Floyd" event was staged. The initial objective was to trigger the U.S. citizens into willingly giving up their guns due to "mass gun violence". The evil ones cannot come right out and ban gun-ownership in the U.S., as that would mean instant ends to all "leadership" individuals. So, they have to play the long game, and from time to time create these fake "mass shooting" events, and then always repeat the same story about how guns should be banned to prevent this from ever happening again. The people involved in these events are called "crisis actors", and those whom have looked into these individuals, have found proven video evidence that the same people show up on some of these events. Of course, the legacy media is complicit in this and will just happily report on the fake event, because it brings more viewers to their TV channel. The best thing to do is just to completely ignore these "news events"; they are fake, Hollywood-style staged events, and the less we pay attention to them, to less impact they will have and eventually the evil entities will stop doing them. Fake interviews, fake victims, fake blood, fake criminal(s), and the police and medical staff probably just use these as training exercises.


The Future, According to the Criminally Insane, by 2030

The Twitter Files

Tucker Carlson

Trump 2024

Trump-like Other Leaders

The three good world leaders today are Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Xi Ping. Say, what?!? Yep. They are working together, along with a handful of other countries' leaders to each do their parts in overthrowing the communist evil that has swept the world. This is evil's last stance, so they are pulling out all of the stops, because they know their end is near. Trump, Putin, and Ping are working together, coordinating their efforts to rid the world of evil. Donald Trump is pretty obviously for freedom and promoting America. Putin is painted as the bad guy by the media, but that is because he has a no-prisoners philosophy when it comes to dealing with evil, which is why he wiping out the criminal leadership in Ukraine. Xi Ping, China's "communist leader", hates the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). But, he knew early on in his life (I believe his father or both parents were killed by the CCP), that you cannot fight the CCP from "outside". So, he infiltrated it, pretending to be a communist leader. In the process he has learned all about the CCP and where their weaknesses lie. So, he is now starting the process of completely dismantling them and eventually wiping them off of the face of the Earth.

U.S. Supreme Court


Ukranian soldiers. Note the flag on the roofliner of the car!

While it may look like Russia's Putin is wanting to invade and take over Ukraine, and that is being fed to us via the legacy media and all evil and corrupt leaders of the world, i.e. "Ukraine Good, Russia Bad", the reality is, of course, the exact opposite. Ukraine is one of the last strongholds for the abject evil people on this planet. Its people are wonderful, but its dictatorial leadership is corrupt to the hilt (they are decendents from the Nazis who fled Germany after WWII - note the flag in the photo on the right). It is a haven of child abuse, adrenochrome production, biological weaponry and labs, etc. Putin was tired of the fact that this evil resides right next to his country, and that the people in the towns and villages close to the Ukranian border were constantly being attacked by the Ukranian evil leadership and corrupt military (similar to how U.S. border states are constantly under attack by South American drug cartels). Bandits would swoop into towns across the Russian border, steal and kidnap children, and use, abuse, and sell them in Ukraine. This explains why Joe Biden has/had a large property in Ukraine, and why his son Hunter Biden was on the board of at least one Ukranian company.

So, no: "Putin good, Zelensky bad". Stop supporting evil.


Unions are a form of socialism, or its cousin, communism. They force the artificial inflation of wages (and associated employment benefits) without regard for whether or not the market can support that. Artificially increasing the wages of employees when the company cannot, due to fair-market competition, pass that significant increase in their operating expenses on to their customers, will eventually lead to the bankruptcy of the company. Many good companies have been destroyed by unions, or forced the companies to start having their products made in other countries. And so, those unemployed union workers now depend on our government-stolen tax money to continue to live. The evil bail-out that Obama did to companies such as GM and Chrysler should have never been allowed to happen. Our government-stolen tax money went out to pay those people's wages. This "too big to fail" mentally is just another form of communism, i.e. making other people pay for your own-created problems. The union leaders are simply another group of power-hungry individuals, stealing money from their union workers to enrich themselves. It's all a mob-like scheme and scam. Unions should be outlawed, if at all possible.


I don't know how many times I have heard this same 'concern' from friends or family members!!!

I classify myself as a "vegan", in the strict sense of the definition, meaning I eat/drink nothing made by animals. I only eat plant-based foods, and only those foods coming directly off of plants, bushes, and trees. This means no human-processed "plant-based" foods either, such as veggie burgers, kale chips, plant-based cookies, etc. Therefore, I don't eat bread, pasta, etc. I consume no alcohol. I don't smoke. I eat only fruits, vegetables, and some nuts and seeds. I drink home-purified water (I use the Berkey system). I take no supplements or vitamins. I use no medication, and I don't go to a doctor.

For a good number of years I was a "raw foodist", meaning I only ate plant-based products that were not cooked. I then "upgraded" to being a full-time fruitarian for about 3 years. This means that I ate nothing but fresh fruits. The problem I found with that approach (which I still believe is the most perfect dietary lifestyle for me personally - and I hope to return to that one day) is that most fruits are imported these days. This means that they are picked from the plant, bushes, or trees when they aren't ripe yet. This means the fruit doesn't have all of the nutritional benefit that it should have. This is because it takes a long time to transport fruit from one location to your local grocery store, and then it has to be on the store's shelf for some period of time before it is bought. If a banana were picked in Honduras when it was ripe, it would be near wilted by the time it reached the store. This all makes sense, but that means we don't get the best any fruit item can offer us. The solution is to grow your own in your own property. I cannot do that at this point in my life, but I aspire to do so at some point in the future. In meantime, that left me with two choices: consume very large quantities of organically-grown (if available) fruits sold at the local grocery store to compensate for the lack of nutrition any one of such fruit might have; or, add vegetables to my diet, including cooked/steamed vegetables. For practical reasons, I chose the latter.

I have not eaten a single piece of meat since February 2003, when I changed my diet, radically, and literally overnight. I could do so, because I work from home. I would not recommend doing this. I do not "evangelize" the vegan/plant-based diet, as I believe it is a personal choice. I do, however, believe that it is the ideal diet for human beings, but if one feels comfortable consuming animal-based products, or man-made processed foods, so be it. We are all on our individual journeys, and we must all live with the consequences of our choices.

Please note that my dietary choice of "vegan" or "plant-based" does not mean "left wing ideology", as they seem to claim that they are the same. I strongly disagree with the PETA organization, with "animal rights" nonsense, and I strongly disagree with any sub-group of humans wanting to enforce their diet restrictions on other humans, and although I can't imagine hurting any animal larger than an insect (I do so dislike insects, especially inside my house), I fully support those who believe in the U.S.' Second Amendment for the sake of hunting. I am OK with using animal products for non-food items (although I am not aware of much of anything that I own that is made of an animal-based product - maybe a leather belt; I think most of mine are synthetic).

Waking Up

The more people wake up and realize the truth, the faster we can accelerate the positive energy on the planet, and the faster we can be done with all the evil that, literally, only a few thousand people actually perpetuate. Most others are simply still asleep, keeping their heads firmly stuck in the ground.

What If?...

These are my own "conspiracy theories".

What if the multi-billionaires and the large investment corporations are buying homes left and right because they are working toward the fulfillment of the New World Order's objective of "You'll own nothing, and you'll be happy" by 2030? We are being bombarded by companies wanting to buy our homes for above-market values, so that they can then turn around and rent them out for a much higher price. This increases the "value" of the home. Due to inflation and the rising interest rates, if you currently own a home (mortgaged or not), you simply cannot buy another home for that same price. The average income in the U.S. is currently at $36,000 per year. The current average monthly mortgage payment is at $2,500. That's $30,000 per year, and that doesn't cover taxes, utilities, and home-maintenance costs. This is a mathematically unsustainable system. It is either going to totally collapse, to the point where home values are going to have to plummet like crazy (meaning, you'll be stuck with a $400,000 mortgage loan when your house is only really worth $100,000), or these New-World-Order criminals are indeed going to take over all of our homes. Politicians are our enemies here, because increases in home values means that school districts, utility districts, and politicians are going to be able to collect more taxes on those homes. There is no way that they are going to do anything to help us with this. Lip service, yes; but nothing actionable. The best thing we as individuals can do is to simply NOT sell our homes, no matter how ridiculous of an offer they give you, because you are not going to be able to buy another home for that price. You'll be homeless, have to move in with family, or be a slave to a job just to pay the rent.

You may have read my information about these so called "mass shootings" above. What if the children found at the scenes were indeed murdered, but not by "some crazed right-wing lunatic" as the legacy media would have you believe, but by the child traffickers when they are "done" with the children. It helps them get rid of a lot of dead bodies, and at the same entice sympathy for the abolition of the U.S. Constitution's Second Amendment. These are vile "people" and I wouldn't put it past them. For them to be able to "justify" their evil behavior, they have to put it out in the open somehow. When we then don't protest, we give our "consent" to their vile behavior and they are then "allowed" to continue to do so. You may have noticed the out-in-the-open Satan worshipping done at Olympics, and in a lot of today's music videos.

World Economic Forum (WEF)

World Health Organization (WHO)

Woke = Racism = Marxism = Communism = Fascism

"Go woke, go broke!"

(invasion of) Privacy Policy

Are you fully aware of what you are agreeing to when you do business with a corporation? Do you realize what you are giving up when you sign up for a "free" account with a company online?

Here is all it takes to build a tracking system.


Why anyone willingly participates in this data-mining scheme is beyond me! Reference.

content you create, such as comments and audio

content from your camera (and all audio that is happening (e.g. speech) while the camera is active)

messages you send and receive (encrypted messages can be viewed by Facebook if others complain about them!)

ads you view, how you interact with them, and which ones you clicked on

apps you use, which features you use in them, what you do in them

purchases you make, including your credit card data

hashtags you use

the time, frequency, and duration of your activities on Facebook

information about your friends, followers, groups, accounts, Facebook Pages and other users and communities that you connect with (including who and how long and how often)

your contacts information (names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers)

even if you don't have a Facebook account, they still collect information about you

they infer information about you based on how others interact with you

they study other's contact information to link you up with them

the device (computer, cell phone, tablet) that you use and which software you are using

what you are doing on your computer, including how your computer's mouse is moving

signals from your devices are detected by them

the device's GPS location, camera access, photos, other metadata

your computer network, your IP address (used to determine where you are)

location information, even if you have turned that feature off in your device

how their software works on your computer

web browser cookies and other data

they receive information about you from third-party vendors, marketing companies that they have contact with

they track which web sites you visit (when you use their in-app web browser)

which apps you use

which games you play

purchases made without using your Facebook account

your demographics, such as your education level

how you use their third-parties' products

your e-mail address

your advertising ID as used by third-parties

any company that interact with Facebook, collects data on you and shares it with Facebook

photos you take, which includes where and when the photo was taken

photos in which you were tagged as being included in


This is what they collect on you when you engage in a transaction with (i.e. you buy something from) Walmart. They state that they also collect information from "third parties", which can be anything. Reference.

your name

your telephone number

your physical address

your e-mail address

your government-issued identifiers (driver's license, etc.)

your signature

Mac address

IP address

web browser "cookies"

mobile ad ID

social media data

web browsing history

web searching history

mobile applications interactions

mobile e-mails

keystroke patterns

transaction history

product reviews

travel & vacation information

sweepstakes & contests

e-mail content

text messages

call logs

calendar information

your age

your gender

your citizenship

your ethnicity

your date of birth

your marital status

your household income

your education level

your professional or employment information

your family's health

your number of children

the number of cars you own

software that you have bought

your credit/debit card information

financial account numbers

your voice print

images of your iris or retina

your face geometry

your palm prints

your fingerprints

the location of your devices

photographs of you

audio recordings of you

video recordings of you

your background information

your criminal history

your shopping patterns

your intelligence

your aptitude

Inspirational Songs

The Future


I have not watched a single minute of television since 2010 (we don't have one in the house). I have not read a single newspaper since 2001. I get my news from sources that I intuitively believe contain mostly truth. I believe in freedom for all. I do not comply with totalitarian puppets! I am a sovereign being! I believe in the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I believe this should be extended to all people on this planet. I do not comply.