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The Real News, not the fake stuff the legacy media is reporting.
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Our war on the evil of this planet is continuing. Valiant men and women are putting their personal lives at great risk to find, arrest, convict, and sentence these criminals in accordance with the law of the land. The legacy media prefers to treat you like a mushroom (keep you in the dark and feed you on ****). To perpetuate their evil dictators' narrative, all manner of deceit has been implemented. Below are a list of well-known people that have already been dealt with. You will continue to see them in this corrupted legacy media by any one of these means: use of old footage/photographs, digital manipulation, stand-in actors, look-alike clones (proof 1). Please, do not be deceived; they have been at this for many decades and are very convincing.

This is not conspiracy theory or wishful thinking; this is reality. It is time for all of us to pull our collective heads out of the sand, face the evil that walks amongst us and wants to control us, and decide once and for all if this is what we want to continue to experience. I say "No more!".

Nancy Pelosi: arrested, charged, trial (part 1), (part 2), (part 3), hanged.

Paul Pelosi: arrested, says goodbye to Nancy.

Hillary Clinton: arrested, trial (day 1), (day 2, 1 of 2), (day 2, 2 of 2), (day 3), (day 4), convicted, hanged.

Bill Clinton: arrested, trial (part 1), (part 2), convicted, murdered while serving life sentence.

Chelsea Clinton: arrested, trial (part 1), (part 2), convicted, hanged.

Research Material

We Still Have a Few Good Leaders
Lest You Forget This is What A Real Leader Sounds Like
Restoring Free Speech
Freedom is Essential
The End of the Cartels
Draining the Swap continues
Do Not Touch Medicare or Social Security
Eliminate the CCP
Three-letter Agencies' and Legacy Media' Fake News
Alberta, Canada Premier

"1984" Is Here
The people didn't see
1984 in the 1920s movie
U.S. Representative stating the facts
Humans to be Used As Batteries

2020 U.S. Election
The 2020 election is far from over
Biden is a fake
Caught the Mastermind
Trump Won

Where's the plane?
Bush Mentions "Interior Explosives"

January 6th, 2021 "Insurrection"
It was orchestrated
First hand account

More Truths Coming to Light
There Is No Global Warming or Cooling. Period!
Nixon Was the Most Popular President
Recycling Is Wasteful (this was an eye-opener for me!)

Washington, D.C. Is a Ghost Town
Legacy Media "Reports From the Whitehouse" (bold-face liars)

Human Rights Violations
Not Wearing A Mask
The Most Disgusting Acts Among the Most Evil
Lest We Forget, or otherwise this happens, as it is today in the superpower of the 1600s, The Netherlands, where the people are now defenseless against their own government! You don't need to speak Dutch to be able to understand and see what is going on - peaceful people protesting against covid vaccines and other totalitarian measures their government has enacted, such as forcing 3,000 farmers out of business. People are being targeted at random by their own police force.

Regular People Standing Up to Totalitarianism
Keep Up the Fighting ( explanation)

The Only Real Racists
U.S. Representative stating the facts

The History of Ukraine's Leadership
What part of it is real?
Adrenochrome Lab Destroyed
Finding Child Traffickers (1)
Finding Child Traffickers (2)
Mass Child Graves Found
Frees Children
Convicts Bioweapons Engineers
Cleaning Up Ukraine
Bombed Bioweapons Facility

The Three-letter Agencies
What Does the CIA Do?

The "Elite" = WEF = WHO = Genocide (<== these are part of our enemies)
"We know better than you!"
"50% of the world's population is to be eliminated by 2023."
Elon Musk Calls Them Out
WEF Still Wants the New World Order (i.e. a global communist dictatorial system)
Hypocracy To The Max (1)
Hypocracy To The Max (2)
WEF Asking For Unvaxed Crews To Fly Them
Who Is This Self-appointed World Dictator?

"covid" Lies
Pneumonia Flagged as Covid
Filing a Lawsuit

Vaccinated Are Dying in Record Numbers (1)
Vaccinated Are Dying in Record Numbers (2)
Vaccinated Are Dying in Record Numbers (3)
Vaccinated Are Dying in Record Numbers (4) (CDC's own proof)
Vaccinated Are Dying in Record Numbers (5)
Vaccinated Are Dying in Record Numbers (6)
Vaccinated Are Dying in Record Numbers (7)
Vaccinated Are Dying in Record Numbers (8)
Doctors' warning
UK doctor's opinion
The CDC Knew
Creator of the Dilbert Cartoon Finally Admits It
Shocking FOIA Covid documents
Pfizer Documents Show 1223 Deaths, 158,000 Adverse Events in 90 Days Post EUA Release (read their PDF -> 9 pages of known side-effects)
Survey of Affected
The Puppets Are Still At It

The Twitter Files
The Facebook Files
Don't Have the Time to Deal with the Truth
Pfizer Creating the "Virus", and then the "Solution"