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Static Grass


This is my very first attempt at using the Woodland Scenics "Static King" (part # FS539). What you are looking at here is a leftover piece of 3/4" plywood, with the top surface painted a dark green, a dirt road, and 4mm static grass applied. I marked off where I wanted the dirt road, covered it in white glue and then applied lots of brown scenery fine powder with very fine ballast. I let that dry overnight, and the next day I covered small sections with, first, regular Elmers white glue, and then used the static applicator to apply the 4mm static grass. The first effort, seen behind the car, was a failure. I did five more sections and things got progressively better. The last section I did was with using Aleene's Tacky Glue, and that seemed to work much better. Using Elmers white glue caused the fibers to fall over pretty quickly.
(external link: Static King)

From the overhead shot, it doesn't look that great, but this lower-angled shot shows that most of the grass is standing up. A good bit of it has fallen down, but that gives it more of the natural look, which is what I was going after; I didn't want to have a lawn or a golf course.