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GCLaser produces this kit in S-scale (product #2250), which is a very accurate representation of an early Pennsylvania Railroad passenger shelter. These were used in country settings where only a handful of people may board the passenger train on a branch line. Since that's what I model, there are several places in the Chartiers branch where these were found.
(external link: GCLaser)

The kit is a very accurate match to PRR's standard passenger shelter #59328 (Design "B"), which is dated 1911. Since I model 1924, this is a good fit. It is funny when you read the way that that structure is to be protected; it recommends the use of asbestos and lead paint! Note that there is also a different design, PRR #54559-C, but that one appears to be bigger.
(external link: PRR Railfan)

These are the parts that make up the kit, from left to right, top row first, the shingles roofing material, the bench component sprue, the main structure sprue, the roofing underlayment sprue, and the decorative components sprue.

The kit includes a one-page instructions sheet, where the parts are to be assembled in the numerical order in which they are labeled. The matching numbers are shown next to the parts that are laid out as they are in the sprues. The only note I would like to offer here is that part #3, the back wall of the structure is marked in the assembly diagram, but it is not drawn there. This was a bit confusing, initially, especially since every other part is separately drawn in the 3D-perspective drawings.